Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vodka News

I just read a report by Technorati that said that blog titles that had the word news in them got the most hits. So in the interest of upping my stats I'll be adding the word news to all my titles for a while. Consider it a study.

I was going to post my fish breading recipe or my smoky spice rub recipe but after making a Cosmopolitan (my favorite cocktail, BTW) with blood orange I just have to pass this along. It was to die for. I'm sure that I am not the only one who has made this before but since it was a first for me I'm going to claim it. If someone doesn't like it, tough!

Blood Orange Cosmopolitan

2 parts vodka
2 parts cranberry juice (I used the one with less sugar & calories. Watching our weight here!)
1 part Triple Sec
the juice from one small blood orange (I'd say a least a couple of tablespoons)

Fill 2 - 6ounce martini glasses with ice (you could always keep them in the freezer but I just don't have room.) While these cool down fill a shaker with ice. Take vodka out of the freezer. (What? I can't be the only one who keep it there). Put all ingredients in shaker. Give it a good shake. Empty the ice in the martini glasses into the dog's water bowl. (Waste not, you know) Pour equal amounts into glasses. Take small to medium size sip out of husband's glass. Then take one out of yours so he doesn't think you are bogarting all the good stuff. Enjoy!



  1. Hey, shouldn't you be preparing for your interview instead of drinking it up? I've never had a cosmo... I'm a beer girl.

  2. You know what would make that perfect? If I had any of those ingredients in my house right now.

  3. Well my gracious goodness, darlin', I never thought I'd burst out laughing from reading a drink recipe! It sounds wonderful, and I'm going to try it! My favorite drink is a Red Snapper...a shot of Crown Royal, a shot of Amaretto and two shots (or so) of cranberry juice in a scotch glass with ice.
    Please let us know how the "news" thing works out. I may give that a shot, too!

  4. Having just switched my platform and blog title to "My A Cup Runneth Over", I'm wondering how many hits that will get me. Probably none. I should have went with "D" cup.

  5. I LOVE Cosmos! This sounds delicious. Let us know if the "newsworthy" post titles works.. way to game the system!

  6. We're havin' those this Friday, right??

  7. Casey: Yeah, I know. I'm such a slacker.

    Capt: Sounds like you need to take a run to the store.

    Ginger: I have to try that. I love anything with cranberry juice.

    Sam: Your stats would go way up if you put "D" cup in the title.

    CDB: I'll keep you informed

    Julie: Yep, W'll be having these. Will Jim be driving you home? I need to know how sober I need to be.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhh, I like this recipe!


  9. Well, I have the vodka....that's a start.

    I haven't actually MIXED a drink since I stopped being a bartender. Maybe I should start again.

  10. Yum!

    And I'm totally going to do the news thing. I'm prepared to see my stats soar!