Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Keely over at the Un-Mom has this terrific bit of blog bling and of course Mr. Linky. I hope it works this week I sure love me some geeky crap. If you haven't read her go on over there. You'll be glad you did. Would I steer you wrong? Probably but not on purpose.

Here's my random stuff:
  • Would it violate my vegetarianism if I shot the pigeons outside my office window. I keep shooing them away but they keep coming back. I'm trying to work here? Your damn cooing is getting on my nerves.
  • I cleaned my home office this weekend and it still looks like crap.
  • This weekend there was a charity run near our house. You would think that the police and the organizers could get their act together. It took us over an hour to find a route that would get us home. This was a five mile trip people!!! And not the first time this year either. Charity runs seem to ALWAYS go by our house. We are held captive in our neighborhood at least a dozen times a season because of charity walks or runs and I'm pretty pissed about it. Get creative. Pick another area to have your event. They would probably love to host your event up in Fountain Hills. Please give those of us a break in Tempe, okay?
  • Nessa is making me crazy. She rolls her ball under whatever piece of furniture is close to me than barks and whines ceaselessly until I get it for her. Which involves me getting down on the floor, fishing said ball out while she gets her nose as close to my head as possible and steps on my hair. "Nessa if you don't get off my hair I can't get up to throw the ball!!"
  • Kath over at Haf-Dozenreasons posted about her pantry the other day. Very cool pie safe. Go check it out.
I've got more but if I don't start getting ready for work soon I'll end up looking like I just rolled out of bed. Oh wait, that's how I always look. Since, I have to be on the reference desk while the inauguration is taking place maybe I'll make everyone pay for it by not showering, brushing my hair, or putting on a little makeup. That'll teach them.



  1. I'm always annoyed when race routes inconvenience my drive, but I never thought about the folks who actually live there! Thanks for the insight -- and have a great unshowered/unbrushed inauguration day!

  2. Yay for the randomness! I say shoot the pigeons, they'll make more. They being the remaining pigeons that you don't shoot. Actually, they'll just keep coming back. Don't they have some kind of noise machine to scare them away? That might be too much.

    I hate getting stuck in any kind of event traffic. You need to start riding your bikes on those days so you can navigate through forbidden areas.

    Nessa sounds very similar to my dog Chloe, especially with getting "nosed" and invading personal space.

    I'm sure you look lovely. GObama! I'm so happy today.

  3. Maybe have a pigeon for dinner and save the dogs if times get too tough!

  4. Shoot the pigeons.

    We always get PARADES going by our house. Good thing 8 months out of the year is not parade weather.

  5. I know what you mean! Every year my neighborhood hosts a bicycle race and it blocks us from coming and going, too. It is soooo annoying! But an hour? Yeesh, we've never had it that bad.

  6. Invite the pigeons in to watched the taped inaugural TV coverage.

  7. Very random - well done.

    I saw Kath's pie safe. Before that I had never even heard of such a thing.

  8. I had a dog who literally could chase a ball all day long. ALL DAY LONG

  9. We have that same under the couch routine at my house. It happens at least a dozen times a day. I swear they do it on purpose!

  10. Macy loves to play fetch and it's starting to annoy me so the other day I threw her tennis ball to her-behind the couch. She's still looking for it.

  11. Nice! Nessa is on to you..if you can't move (without losing some hair), she gets more attention!

    (My dogs are the same way, but only one likes toys.)

  12. OK, I'm so gonna do the random Tuesday thing. I've seen it EVERYWHERE today, heh.

    #1 I think it depends on why you are a vegetarian. I have a friend who doesn't eat meat because of factory slaughter. Shooting pigeons falls outside of this category... :D

  13. If you're not going to eat them I say shooting them is ok.

  14. I love random thoughts Tuesday.

    My cat is pulling the same trick as your dog. Seriously...driving me crazy.

    Sorry about the charity runs. Maybe you can talk to somebody about gettinga better route?

  15. Shoot the pigeons. Pigeons are delicious with some horseradish.

  16. I really enjoy when You do random thoughts, it makes me glad to be a blogging friend. :)