Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rambling Tuesday


Keely over at the Un-Mom gives away this cool Random Tuesday Thoughts thingy. I love it and try to play every week. Plus it gives me the opportunity to be flighty, eclectic, and all around odd. Not like I need an excuse for that kind of behavior. While you're over at Keely's check out her Mr Linky gadget. I'm such a magpie. If it's new and shiny and a little (okay, a lot) geeky I am all there.
  • Did you ever notice that the word eclectic has a plethora of cees. I mean, count them. There are like a ton of those bad boys. This word gets used a lot within my hearing so I've made a study of it. The word eccentric (HeeHee it has 3 cees too) is another word that people like to use around me. I've made sure everyone knows the difference between the meanings of these two words. I am eclectic because I like a lot of different things. I am not eccentric because I don't have 18 cats. See the difference? You could get all English major and look up the real definition but this one works for me.
  • Chances are you are not attending the inauguration coming up on the 20th but if you are;
Wow, how cool! Can you bring a friend?

Anyhoo, you can still eat like you are going to be invited to dinner with the new President. The Inaugural Committee has released the menu and recipes that will be served. If, like me, duck and peasant are not in your grocery budget you can always substitute chicken or turkey.

  • The Boy made the Dean's list. Woot! He got his certificate in the mail today. We're going to party it's 1889. Homemade food and hooch for everyone!

We did the homemade food (like we do anything else) no hooch though.
We're pretty proud of him.
He worked hard.

  • Jen and I are receiving a lot of pantry photos and posts. You guys are awesome! I've put together what we've received so far so you can see pantry's in all their glory.
Katie's pantry is awe inspiring. It is a complete room! If this was any competition, like with prizes or something, she would so win.

Cyndie at HarryJack's Mommy has this terrific door rack that I just have to have. I love me some organizational stuff.

Sandie Simply Says has some super plastic storage containers. I may need to invest in some of those.

Jen's pantry comes complete with dog. That must have set her back a pretty penny. I'll need to stock up on dog. Cheapo me will wait until it they go on sale.

Casey's pantry has those excellent slide-out shelves. Sweet!!

Thanks everyone. It was fun.
Oh, if you still want to play feel free to take those photos and send them in or post about your pantry.
  • I have a post started with a bunch of time saving food tips & tricks. Things to cook up on the weekend then turn into meals during the week. Stay tuned.
  • I've barely started my spin for this week and feeling pretty bad about it. Must. Spin!

Have a wonderful day everyone.



  1. Don't feel bad, I haven't done my spin yet either. If these kids would just stop expecting me to wait on them hand and foot, I could get some blogging done. Damn.

    We got some weirdo invitation to the inauguration. It looks official so I'm considering myself invited. Want to come with?

    I can't believe you guys are all getting hooch to celebrate the Dean's list. If they REALLY offered that up, I'm sure more people would make it. Well, guys anyhow. Congrats to the kid.

    If you're looking for a dog, no need to wait until they're on sale. I have the perfect one for you! She's both adorable and a complete asshole all rolled into one. Interested?

  2. I haven't started a spin yet either.

    Congrats to the Boy!

    And the shiny gadget didn't seem to be you're linked the old-fashioned way :)

  3. I am so un-geeky I wish I were more. I have been having a heck of a time learning how to send photos from my cellphone! SHEESH

    Those pantry ideas are amazing!

    Also, I really and truly am waiting for those frugal shopping and cooking ideas. I think I will wait on the new pres thing...not my area of understanding (either).


  4. I love the word plethora. It's a one of my very favorites.

    Congrats on dean's list - YAY!

    Love the random thoughts.

  5. Woo Hoo to the Boy!!!!!!!

    An for the inauguaration parade my mom's neighbor is attending. McCrossan's Boys Ranch and they will be there with for sure with one wagon and Belgian horses. It's only setting them back $40,000.00 dollars to attend. Also they had to sign a waiver to say security could shoot a horse if it was unruly. Which pretty much means if one acts up then they lose all of them as the rest would be spooked! Anyway thought I would shre.....

  6. Lord, is everyone going to the Inauguration except me? I kid you not, my mail lady stopped her little jeep thingie and told me that she is going.

    And more word clarifications! I love 'em. I read Brian Garner's usage guide for pleasure. What really bugs is when people use "enormity" to mean "largeness" instead of "wickedness", but I've pretty much given up on the world.

  7. I have no idea what a spin is, but it sounds like something I need to do lol!

  8. I need to get some of those shelves that Casey has. I may finally be able to see what's hiding at the back of my pantry!

    I haven't done my spin yet either! I've written the post about 10,000 times in my mind, but have yet to type it out!

  9. I saw a cat lady in Italy once. It was actually kinda scary. I wonder if Supreme Leader would let me take a picture of our pantry?

  10. I think I'm eclectic and eccentric, though I don't have 18 cats. Can't wait to see your next food post... I love those!
    I haven't done my Spin yet either. I'm hoping to get on it tonight!