Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I had nothing until the coffeemaker exploded

Yep, it did.

JR and I have one of those coffeemakers that grinds the beans then makes the coffee in the morning with a handy dandy timer feature. I was under the mistaken belief that the timer feature was the most important part of the coffeemaker. That made sense to me. There must have lots of parts and pieces inside that life-giving timer feature.

Not so!

It seems that there is this little part that goes over the grounds that is the most important part.

Who knew?

Not us.

We found this out this morning. The hard way. If you leave this tiny part off by accident the thing explodes and spews those heavenly grounds of coffee goodness all over your kitchen with a fair bit of water to boot. Nice!

I wanted to cry. I wanted to throw myself onto the coffee ground muddy floor and throw the mother of all tantrums complete with beating fists and feet. Sure, this would have been immature. But, that's me immature.

Instead I cleaned the coffeemaker, the kitchen area around the coffeemaker, the kitchen floor, and JR's attempts to clean the coffeemaker, and started a fresh pot. All without any coffee! I. Need. COFFEE! Coffee = Consciousness.

This morning just capped off an absolutely hellish week that I foresee not getting any better.

And, what shows up in my mailbox? Catalogs. My favorite catalogs. These little beauties are the only bright spot in an otherwise crappy week.

We all know I like this one.

But, this is my all-time fav.or.ite catalog ever!
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store catalog.
This catalog is not safe in this house.

While thumbing through this last night I thought; "this reminds me of one of my blog pals". I wasn't thinking of what I wanted out of them but what my blog friends would like. It's the season I tell you. Time to think of others first. I only dogeared a couple of pages for myself. Not more than a half dozen or so. I'll feature a few. If your feeling left out, don't. I'll get to you over the weekend.

Shoe ornaments? Mary Anna of course.

Musical instruments? Jen, Casey, the Capt. and Jim.
Cuz, I'm getting into my grandmother years and we can give these types of things. Then refuse to allow them into our own house. We're old. We need peace and quiet.

Oh and a little something for me.
Around the neck wine glass holder.
Now, I can hold 3 glasses at the same time.
How cool is that?

Happy Thanksgiving



  1. Hope your week does get better!!!! Sometimes the smallest of things make the biggest impact!! Sorry sounds like a bad way to start a morning.

    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

  2. I can't believe you had to clean up the coffee without coffee to get you going! That had to be awful!!!

  3. Hahaha - I have seen people at wine festivals with the over-the-neck wine glass holders before! I thought they were awesome! I would so rock that look.

    I love the Metro Museum of Art catalog too - which is why I haven't had one in my home for the last 10 years! Ha!

  4. Nothing worse than a coffee-less morning. OK, maybe a coffee explosion as the cause.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your coffee maker. Since we've had the coffee chats lately, you know I'm starting to be a daily coffee junkie. We have that weird piece that goes over the grounds too, I'll be sure to remind Jamie not to forget it (he's the barista here). And THANKS for thinking of me with the catalog. I swear I scrolled down and got excited at the musical instruments and then saw my name. We have tons around here, I don't mind the noise so much anymore but I mind it when Graham wakes up his sister.

    Have a happy holiday!

  6. I'm so sorry, but I was laughing so hard my sides hurt when I read about the coffee maker exploding!

    (I would have thrown a tantrum AND blamed everything on HB to boot.)

    Well, at least you had your catalogues to console you.

  7. I snuck over from Lacy's and I'm still laughing. I sooo relate. I can't be expected to do, fix, or clean antyhing until I've had my coffee. =P

  8. Michele- We will be in Phoenix Dec 4-6. In that short time we will be seeing my three aunts, going to Sedona with our daughter, and have to be in Flagstaff by 8 am on the 6th. Makes my head spin just thinking about how whirlwind our time will be there. But if we could meet up with you for a bit that would be great. It would be some time on Thurs.
    We will be staying in the Glendale area. My aunts are in Surprise and Goodyear areas.
    Email me and we can see if something would work!
    We are soo excited!!!!

  9. That was GREAT!! jesus, I can just picture the damn coffee all over the floor!!!

    Have a happy day, girl.

  10. You should be proud of yourself! Blowing up a small appliance takes talent. It's also a good reason to drink the coffee liquor sans coffee...

    Happy Turkey Day!