Monday, November 24, 2008

Concerts Past and Future

As JR and I were driving home from a quick trip to Joshua Tree National Park this afternoon we started talking about concerts we have attended and ones that we would like to attend in the future. During this conversation I thought to myself (actually I sort of drifted off into Princess Michele Land while JR was talking) this would make a good list for Listlessness Monday.

Here are some that I’ve attended

  1. Sly and the Family Stone (1st concert I ever attended. Very eye opening experience for a small town girl) Sly even showed up. Not on-time mind you but he was there.
  2. Led Zeppelin (I saw them around 1977. I slept out overnight at the venue because if you didn’t you’d end up with nose bleed seats. Festival seating could be brutal)
  3. Leonard Skynard (I was lucky enough to see them when Ronnie Van Zant was still alive. I hear Sweet Home Alabama and I’m right back there.)
  4. Genesis (JR and I actually took the youngest boy when he was about 5. The boy loved this band. We spent a year calling him Phil because the Boy wouldn’t answer to anything else.)
  5. Eric Clapton (I’m sorry but I have to say this; I’d so do him. Not because he looks like he was rode hard then put away wet but because the sounds he can coax out of a guitar is seduction itself. )
  6. B.B. King (he is still the definition of cool.)
  7. Buddy Guy (the next best thing to seeing Muddy Waters. Who I didn’t get see damn it.)
  8. Neil Diamond (All I can say is I’m sorry.)

People or concerts I’d like to see in the future

  1. Paul McCartney (it’s that whole Beatles thing. JR and I have decided to start a Paul McCartney concert savings account or maybe we’ll just raid the Christmas savings account. The kids don’t need gifts and I really need to see McCartney. They would want me too wouldn’t they?)
  2. John Mayer (I can’t get enough of the blues)
  3. The Crossroads Festival (cuz, I could see all my favorite blues artists at one time. How cool would that be?)
  4. Stevie Wonder (JR got to see him when he was a journalism student at Washington State University. JR got to see a ton of cool concerts back then. He got in with a press pass. I’m so jealous. He’ll start with I’ve seen this guy or that one and I’ll come back with I saw JP Patches (kids TV clown). It doesn’t seem to have the same punch. )

I grab this button from Anna over at abdpbt who happens to have a terrific post about debt reduction. I plan to spend some more time over there this evening. She suggests reading a book that I may have to inter-library loan. Sounds like good reading during the holidays.





  1. Cool list! I saw John Mayer before he was big. It was a really fun show!

  2. Great list! I learned to play a Sly and the Family Stone song on the drums once, it wasn't easy. I'm laughing at you calling your kid Phil for an entire year. I've seen Skynard a couple of times (does it count if it was in the 90's?). I didn't know Stevie Wonder still toured, that would be a great show!

  3. I have NEVER got to see a concert, so going through you is pretty cool.


  4. Ugh, BB King was just in town earlier this year and I couldn't find anyone to go with me!!! Unbelievable! So jealous.

    And HECK YEAH about Eric Clapton!

  5. I love to go to concerts tho its been a few years.

  6. Very nice list. I can't say I have seen any of those artists (I was going to say 'mucisians' but I think that in a few of those cases it would be stretching the meaning of the word - sorry, I am a classicist!)

    Hope you get to see the ones on your 2nd list.

  7. Awesome list, you've been to some great shows!

    'Sweet Home Alabama' is one of my favorite songs of all time.

  8. DeeMarie: I am so jealous.

    Casey: It was pretty hard to convince Grandma to go with the name change thing but after awhile even she got into it.

    Linda: You must try to see one if you can. Preferably in a small venue. Live music is the best.

    Heather: Clapton is God!

    Kath: You need to get right back on that pony. Got a college nearby? Best place to start.

    Mum-me: We go to the Orchestra several times a year. So I'm still okay, right?

    Goodfather: I love the crossover stuff. Country/Rock. The one person I forgot on my to see list was Willie.

  9. Great list. I still remember my first concert in 8th grade. I went to see Black Sabbath.