Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moving and the way of the shui

I had to move offices at work last week. The higher ups in the library decided that my office and those of my staff needed a new paint job. If you've ever been in the office of a librarian the first thing you would notice is the massive amount of books, papers, and crap we have laying around. We just can't seem to get rid of anything. And you're all better off for it. (really you are. I'll prove it to you. I'm justifying my hording here. Work with me please!)

Think about it. Thomas Jefferson was probably the most famous bibliophile around (though not the first. You don't even want to get me started on Colonial libraries. I'll bore you with my master's thesis) Sorry, back to Tom. He never got rid of anything (with the exception of all his wife's papers. Drat the man! Whoops, sorry again). Anyway, most librarians (I don't want to generalize here.) can't seem to get rid on anything. Hence, the reason I have a good portion of my mother-in-laws stuff. (stuff is the technical term for archival objects.) I even have her wedding dress and hat. I saved it from my father-in-laws attempts to rid his house of what he liked to call junk.

Sorry, off topic. If librarians got rid of stuff then we wouldn't have all the cool old stuff around and all the neat information that can be gleaned from it. This is our rational for keeping mass quantities of stuff. (sorry about the technical terms, LOL).

Moving all our offices was actually a traumatic experience for some of us. Mainly our legislative librarian and myself. It has been a week now and I still haven't got all my stuff arranged yet. Before I do though I really have to think about the chi in my new office. Julie, my maps librarian friend, Erin the most wonderful IT guru and I felt that my new office and those of my staff needed to be cleansed of all the bad vibes. We threw around the idea of getting a Catholic priest to come in or maybe a Navajo shaman then decided that a Unitarian pastor would encompass the whole range of religious and mystical beliefs. We are all about inclusion.

To get a start on the whole process Julie brought her Feng Shui book to me for review. Next, we started to arrange the furniture.

Then we bought some crystals to make long beaded things to hang from the windows. We're not taking any chances here. The beer next to Julie's elbow is an important part of the process.

Lisa and Val really didn't buy into the whole thing. Lisa is working on a lovely necklace. It looked great when she finished it. Val was cross stitching.

My glass of wine was also an important element. It seems I can drink and bead I just can't drink and do computer coding.
Go figure!

Julie and the long-suffering cat were bonding. Isn't Julie talented. She can bead, drink beer, and hold a cat all at the same time.
I'm usually amazed by Julie and this is an example of why.

Nessa thought to give Lisa a hand or in her case a nose.
So thoughtful!

Maybe by the end of the week my office will be all tricked out and safe from evil spirits and the moon will be in the seventh house and Jupiter will align with Mars and I'll get a raise. Not!



  1. You guys have the right idea when you decorate. I think next time I clean house I'm going to crack open a beer. The bad part is it would put me right to sleep and I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on the kids...

  2. A raise! That is just what you need! I say yes to the raise! (Did you check the stars?)


  3. Um, bibliophile sounds awful. It sounds like he did horrible things with books.

  4. I say, try it all. Can't hurt. I hung crystals in front of all the poison arrows in my bedroom when I was trying to get pregnant. To deflect the bad energy. It may have worked. I also got myself on a prayer circle. That may have contributed also. Whatever works: beer, crystals, etc.

  5. Also, sister, you're so added. There's no club or gang with me. When I first started blogging I so depended on blogrolls to see what was out there. I've got you on there now!! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. You girls look so talented ! Thanks for stopping by to visit me.