Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Harper's Weekly Magazine 1864

I came across some old magazines.
These are from a 1864 Harper's Weekly magazine.
These were about the only drawings that
were not sad.

1864 was the last full year of the American Civil War.
The news and drawings in this magazine reflect the impact of the war.
Granted, it is from a Northern point of view.
Most of the other drawings were of battle sites,
generals, soldiers, weeping widows,
fires, and sinking ships.

It is full of stories of conquest, sorrow, heroism,
slaves, and starving prisoners of war.

The advertisements hock everything
from gold pens, patent medicines, hair curlers,
and steel collars.

I'd like to know what this is made of:
Fragrant Sozodont
Hardens and invigorates the Gums.
Purifies and Sweetens the breath. Cleanses, Beautifies,
and Preserves the Teeth.
Sold by all Druggists and
Fancy Goods Dealers.
Price 75 cents per bottle.
Hall & Ruckel, Proprietors,
218 Greenwich St.,
New York

Sounds like toothpaste or chewing gum.
What do you think?



  1. I just love those old fashioned dresses and would love to wear one for a day (or maybe just an hour!)

    And, yes, the Sozodont does sound like some sort of chewie.

  2. My vote would be toothpaste. Sounds scary though. ha-ha.

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE old magazines. I just wish you could've posted the whole thing. Fascinating!

  4. I would LOVE to go back in time and wear some of those clothes. I don't think I could fit into a corset though. I like the Gibson girl era also. Even the 1600's or the 1500's or .....

    You get the idea!


  5. What a neat discovery!

    A chewy toothpaste. Hmmm...


  6. I'm hoping to post more of the articles, advertisements, and illustrations. Unfortunately these magazines are about 11 inches X 16 inches in size. My poor scanner was having a hard time with them. I'm going to try taking photos tonight.

    The whole corset thing is a bit intimidating and I'm way too much of a spaz to get around safely in the hoops.

  7. Did you ever see the 1949 version of Little Women starring June Allyson, Janet Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, & Margaret O'Brien? I loved that movie! It takes place in Concord, Mass. during the civil war. One of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much was the dresses. Go here for pictures from the movie:

  8. We watched the movie "Marie Antoinette" recently. The gowns were quite the items to wear. Beautiful but so impractical. And the discomfort must of been ridiculous. I will stick to admiring those garments from afar while being thankful for my comfy jeans.