Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I love this old postcard. How can you go wrong with women in diaphanous gowns and men in suits. A witch in the corner playing a broom like a guitar while the beautiful witches lure the innocent men to their doom. Priceless stereotyping.
The saying slays me:

Be careful men, on Halloween
Witches inveigle and entice
Bachelors to the golden dance
That's naughty, though its nice

I want to lure, inveigle and entice an innocent man to his doom. Luring sounds fun. Enticing sounds bitchin'. And inveigle just sounds dirty and well, that means I just have to do it. These all have the potential to become some of my favorite words. They may even rank up there with the likes of skulking and lurking. Nothing better than skulking and lurking I always say. You all should know this. I tend to skulk and lurk around your blogs. I'm a blog lurker!

But before I lure I'll need to find an innocent man
Oh wait!
I did and JR has never been happier.
He's happy I tells you!
He really is.
I tell him that he is all the time.
After 25 years I think he's beginning to believe me.
Maybe believe is not the right word. He's come to accept his fate. That's right acceptance.

I seem to be on a linguist kick today. I even looked up the words lure and lurk just to be sure the meanings were different and that one was not a derivative of the other. I'd hate to be using these words wrong here.

I found a few pictures of the boys when they were young enough to think that Halloween costumes were cool.

My youngest was a pirate several years in a row. What does that tell you about him? Hmmmm... Dig the cowboy boots with the pirate outfit with a knife stuck in it no less.

Violent themes seem to be the norm for my boys. The vampire is my nephew. I'm sure if I dug down deep enough in my pile o'pics/crap I'd find a cute little bunny/pumpkin/mouse/bear somewhere but I was too lazy this morning. Plus, the boy on the left (my youngest) turns 23 tomorrow. I was busy pulling out photos for tomorrow's post.

Have a safe, goulish, happy Halloween. Please don't listen to Monster Mash too many times. Your brain will turn to mush. I know about these things. JR (one time disk jockey) loves this holiday and plays (punishes us) with this song all night. Pity me!



  1. He did the mash...the Monster Mash.

    Love the kids!


  2. I love the old pictures from when the kids were little. Your nephew's Dracula cape looks authentic, not like the crappy ones they sell today. The Halloween card is cool, reminds me of the ones I still have that my Grandma sent me when I was little.

  3. Love that postcard! The witch 'playing' her broom cracked my up.