Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Colorado Womens College 1930s

In the past I have posted stuff from my mother-in-laws college scrapbook.
I've sort of gone through all the loose stuff so now I'm starting in on the things that are glued to the pages.
This scrapbook started out as promotional book for Paramount Studios.
My MIL just glued whatever interested her throughout the book.

I swear these women got a camera in their hands and went crazy.

My MIL is tall skinny one with long brown hair in these pictures.
Dig those driving boots.
And Trousers!

She wrote cute and clever little comments next to a lot of the photos.
Thank heavens she did
or I would never be able to figure out who some of these people were.

What a happy group.
I wonder if Browsters Retreat is still around.

The caption at the top reads, "Mrs. Vaughn's formal tea for college graduating class"
I love the dress my MIL is wearing.
And the gloves.
OMG I think I still have these.
I'll have to search through the storage boxes.



  1. That's amazing. Wonderful that it's survived the intervening years. Your MIL sounds like a neat lady.

  2. "We" means, he ropes the cow, I hold the rope around the post and the tree and whatever I can do to tie off the rope and he (yes, HE) gets to milk the cow.

    So I am involved (sort of).

  3. Your MIL was one interesting lady!!! She was a keeper. So fun to look thru all that stuff isnt it?

    Where and when did you live in Washington? We lived in Lynden 22 years ago and moved back here 19 years ago. We also went thru the apple orchards after picking and loaded up the pickup. There is nothing better than fresh apple cider straight out of the press. Even beats apple pie.