Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just looking out for You

If any of you are like me, and I have to assume you are (your reading this aren't you?), you spend a lot of time online. Granted, most of my time online is not the most productive but hey it's research. There are some really bad people out there (not any of you). I could go on and on about this but I'll spare you. You've heard it all before anyway.

To make your web surfing safer (hence your computer, your life, your sanity) I want to offer up a couple of free software downloads that will help.

One, and this is an absolute must have, is CCleaner. The "C" in the name means "crap" and this is what this program does. It cleans out the crap in your computer. All those websites you visit leave little droppings that you don't want. Trust me you really don't want them. Set this up to do a regular maintenance each week and you'll be set to surf.

The second one is the Defrag on your computer. If you run a windows PC or laptop you can find this in the All Program - Accessories. Run this often. It will speed up your computer a whole bunch which will make for happy surfing.

Now a quick blog plug. If you haven't already come across it yet you'll want to check out LifeHacker. I find something interesting to read on it just about everyday (but of course I've been known to read encyclopedias).

Time to head to work. Ya'll have a great day.

Love M

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