Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Date

I usually include a picture of whatever I'm going to talk about. Today I'm don't really have one because I thought I'd tell a little story of JR and my first date. I don't have a picture of our first date. Just the sweet memory.

JR & I met at work. From what I've heard (or I might be making this up because I have no real proof but it sounds good) most couples meet at work. This may not be true anymore. Couple are now meeting online. Much more techy that way. 25 years ago we met at work, sometimes at church, through friends and at bars. It was still fairly safe to meet at bars, upscale of course! The other kind of bars have sticky floors. Yech!

Well, JR and I met at work. I was in the accounting department and he was in the warehouse. I paid him. No wonder he wanted to meet me. I had probably messed up his check!

We went to a movie. I can't remember which one now. It must not have been very memorable (most likely a classic by now). After the movie JR took me to a local pizza place. As we were sitting at the booth waiting for our 1/2 veggie 1/2 all meat pizza, (long before I had an issue with my veggies touching his meat. But that's a problem that for another time) our drinks arrived. This place was not what anyone would call upscale. The drinks came in paper cups with straws.

It was a sweet moment for us. There we were sitting across from each other. Gazing into each others eyes. Softly discussing the movie. When the drinks arrived. Remember when the straws came with paper wrappers? Remember when you could ripe off just a bit on the end then blow into the straw? Thus shooting the paper. Causing all sorts of laughter and mayhem.

So imagine if you will. Vaguely romantic first date. I pick up my straw, tear off a little bit from the end, then promptly blow it into JR's face. Said straw paper hits him right in the eye. Making him blink wildly.

I'll never forget the look on his face. I figured that my chances for another date had just gone down the drain. Then I do what any 20-something would do. I laugh. Not a polite chuckle or a cute giggle but an all out, belly busting laugh. He was not laughing. He was still looking stunned. My chances for a second date were looking worse and worse.

I really liked him. We had friends in common. He was fun to be with. We had the same goals for our futures. We had all the things that would make a great relationship. I had just blown (pun intended) all that out of the water.

Next thing I know he's blowing his straw paper at me. And laughing. I was redeemed!

Since that time JR and I blow our straw papers at each other. It's just our thing.

Lately, the last several years anyway, the papers don't just hold up. I don't think that this is an issue for most people but for us it is. So if any of you know of a straw making company that makes straws with paper that holds up to blowing (does that sound bad?) please let me know. I'll buy a case. That should last through the next 25 years.


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