Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am a big fan of quirky and unusual stuff. Most of my friends know this. Truly! It's no secret. So when a friend of mine brought me these bookmarks I was thrilled.

I like to consider this one a public service.

I have said for the last couple of years that I need some goons to help me out. To see my vision, hope, and dream in print is a wonderful and exciting thing.

Librarians as femme fatales is such a joy. No more eye glasses hair bun sensible shoe wearing stereotype for us! We are sexy, mysterious, and fatal. How cool is that??

Beware the Book Mutants.
I doubt seriously if you'll find any on this planet but one never knows. Also, I think they would stand out in a crowd. Easily avoided that way.

Here is my all time favorite bookmark. Mostly, because it features zombies. I like zombies. And Librarian Zombies can't be beat. As the bookmark says; "They are smarter! They are stronger! They are Hungry!"

It just says it all.

If you need more information about zombies check out this Commoncraft video.

These will go in a place of prominence in my office.


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