Monday, June 9, 2008

Nessa's new 'do!

The youngest boy took Nessa in for a fancy new hair cut this weekend. It was a traumatic 4 hours for him. 4 hours without his dog in the house. Tripper didn't seem to have a problem with it. He had Mama & Daddy all to himself for a change.

He wasn't really this happy at the time.
This is his normal face.

Nessa looked like this before she left the house. Shaggy, hair hanging in her eyes, knots in her hair. It's just pitiful when your hair cut grows out. I know just know she feels.

Now look at her. All pretty!

They gave her a "bear face" cut which is perfect for her.
She is our great big bear.

Doesn't she look happy with herself.
There is nothing like a new 'do to make a girl feel pretty!
Added bonus; she looks thinner. What girl doesn't want that!
Her legs look longer, her tummy tighter, and her butt smaller.
I wish a hair cut did all that for me :-)

The whole experience was quite exhausting though.
A day at the spa can just tire a girl plum' out.
Only thing left to do is sprawl out on the kitchen floor.
(what you didn't know that?)

I've decided to use her as my excuse for not cooking.
I just can't get into the kitchen.

Daddy and Nessa did get a chance to sit on the back porch to read.
At least Daddy tried to read and Nessa tried to get him to play ball.
Since, he loves her he did!

Lisa got a new 'do last weekend. Looks great too!

All and all we had a nice weekend.
It was filled with family, food and dogs.
And JR got a chance to sit on the back porch and read.
Always, makes it a stellar weekend for him!


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