Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tripper has a successful weigh-in!!!

We decided that it was time to have a weigh-in for the dogs.

Tripper was feeling pretty bad because he had hit a plateau weight wise. So we suspended the weigh-ins in an effort to boast his morale. It all must of worked. Tripper weighed in at 38 pounds,
we are confidant enough now to give out the actual number. He has only 3 more pounds before he hits his goal weight.

Doesn't he look thinner? He is so happy to have shed 6 pounds in 4 or 5 weeks.

Nessa just keeps on growing. Here's what she looked like when we first got her. Doesn't she look like a stuffed plush toy?

She is now 44 pounds at 5 months. I'm a little afraid of how much larger she is going to get. Already she is twice as tall and twice as long as Tripper. Isn't she cute though. We have to trim around her eyes so she can see.

This shows Nessa in her standard pigeon pose.

This is a yoga pose. I am hoping that at some time in the future she will follow a yogi path and become calm. I'm not sure that will happen anytime soon. But you really can't fault her on technique.


  1. He has only 3 more pounds before he hits his goal weight.

    21 in dog pounds

    Weigh-ins and goal weighs...will he make it into the lower bracket before the fall wrestling season starts? :)

  2. Before we know he'll be at banter weight.