Friday, April 4, 2008


What makes toilet water the ultimate dog beverage? Is it more refreshing than the water in their water bowl? Does it have more energy boosting qualities? For Nessa the answers to all these questions are YES! She will walk twice as far to drink out of the toilet than her water bowl. I tried to get a picture of her drinking from the toilet but lately she has become a photo queen. She sees me get the camera out and she preens. So every photo I take now has to be a candid shot.

Another thing that Nessa is obsessive about is her toys, especially her tennis ball of which I have thrown about a hundred times today. I will never get all the dog slobber off my hands. Doesn’t she understand that dog slobber belongs on the cat’s head? I was calmly trying to finish a drawing that I started before I left on a work trip and she decides that it is ball throwing time. Thank heavens I can multi-task.

In between ball throwing I think I finished this. I’m not totally sure that I’m done yet so I’ll leave it alone for awhile and see how it goes. I'd sure like to know where Nessa's off button is. My arm is tired, the ball is a firm mass of dog slobber, and Nessa's tongue is hanging. But she still can't stop.

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