Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Funny title for the blog today. This is the Library of Congress subject heading (I'm sure one of many but I'm not a cataloger) for cookbooks. It makes me laugh. Nobody uses this word. Sorry, it's a librarian thing.

I bought this Fire Feta spread on Saturday at Costco

(yes, I'm a Costco achiever. Sign me up for the 12-step program), thinking that it would be great on crackers. And it would be if; 1. you really like spicy stuff or 2. you want to abuse your taste buds. My family is not really into either scenario. So, what was I do to with it. I'm way too cheap to throw it away. Shoot! I paid over 5 bucks for the stuff! I put my little pea brain to work yesterday and came up with something pretty good (best indication was the homeboys going back for seconds) and it passed the true test; dinner on the table in about 30 minutes. Hey, I work full-time!

I came up with Fire Feta Stir fry. True, not original but tasty none the less. I boiled up some rice, sautéed up some veggies then stirred in about a quarter of a cup of this stuff. Yummy! Oh, for the homeboys I sautéed up some shrimp (in a separate pan mind you, it's the vegetarian thing) and put some of the Fire Feta in that also. It melts down into a nice little sauce with a little water added to give it the right consistency.

I love stuff like this. Bruschetta toppings, fancy cream cheeses, and kooky dips (as in chip dip not goofy people). These make the greatest bases for sauces, soups, and the like. And a little dab will do ya. So that tiny expensive jar will go a long way. I keep a few different varieties in my refrigerator or the pantry at any given time. Here are some that are in the frig today.

One of my favorite ways to use this kind of stuff besides the obvious (over rice, pasta, and potatoes that is), is fruit flavored cream cheese in place of some of the butter in scones. Be creative.

Oh, BTW, be sure not to pay full price. These little babies can be pricey. So unless you know you'll love it wait until they go on sale or clearance before you buy. Another great way to get this stuff is to encourage friends and family to give you those gift baskets for Christmas or birthdays. Then it is the best price of all Free!


P.S. I don't advocate any one brand of this kind of stuff just whatever I can get my hands on cheap at the time.

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