Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Work in Progress II

Now I'm in the middle of the drawing. Two things you'll want to notice. The eraser has come out of the art case (kind of like Elvis has left the building) and the cup of coffee. Remember it is 5am.
BTW, the clothy looking thing at the top left of the drawing is my chamois cloth. Great for wiping off things; pastel dust, color that gets on another color pastel and if you can find a clean spot smudging the drawing a bit. What it is not good for is wiping up the red wine spot on the paper (you just have to start over). Maybe, I can find a way to incorporate the spot into the picture. Isn't that called mixed media?

At first I wasn't sure why this little do-hicky was in my beginner (stress beginner!!) set of pastels. I found out soon enough that this is an essential part of the set. I have since bought several of these little darlin's. They are not a cheap date either and they can't be washed. Trust me I tried. I'm not anything if I'm not cheap. Getting a second life out of one of these little babies is just not possible. So, when they get nasty you just have to throw them out. Breaks my frugal little heart!

It is really hard to see in this picture but I've added the sky and the slight outline of the lighthouse. This is the point that I steer away from the photo. It really all depends on how I feel that morning/night/beverage choice/whenever I'm drawing. (Sometime I'll have to talk about drinking & drawing or computer coding) Plus, with the handy dandy eraser I can change it completely if I want or when the dogs are wrestling at my feet. The dogs have added a whole new challenge to drawing! I like to think of it as a competitive sport.

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