Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paintings on Commission

I'm going to give this a shot.

This will be my page to go to if you want a painting on commission. I'll pretty it up as I go along.

Paintings on Commission

Have you got a photograph that calls to you? A mountain house, a special beach you like to walk on? A contemplative picture of your child? Your beloved pet? Need a gift for grandma? Something that she already hasn't got about 12 of already? I can help with that.

What about a photograph in painted in oil on canvas?

Here's all the particulars.
Size: 11" x 14" is standard size for the price quoted below. If you want something larger we'll talk.


Testimonials: This is the amazing part. People like them. A lot.

Price: (you did know this was coming) paintings start at $125 for the 11 x 14 (includes shipping in the United States and Canada. Add $25 for places outside of North America) U.S. currency only. There is that crazy exchange rate thing that just baffles me. I'm a librarian and a painter not a mathematician.

How to order: Email your name, address where you would like the painting sent (please indicate if it is a gift or not), and the photograph you want painted to Send the payment in the form of a money order to me. I'll send, via email, the address to send the payment. If the photograph is in print just email me something to that effect. We'll work out the details. 

One of a kind: I won't be doing another painting from the image you send unless you want more than one. There will be a price reduction for the second one. Please remember that they are one of a kind so multiple paintings of one photograph will look different. 

Give them time: Paintings take time. Please allow about 8 weeks from the time I start the painting (I'll let you know when I start a painting. In fact, I'll probably send you photographs of the progress of the painting. Most likely, I'll fall totally in love with the painting thereby ensuring that I will fill up your inbox with photos.). 


Disclaimer: (you knew this was coming)

There are no refunds. Sorry to be so blunt but I just don't want to get into a hassle about this part.



  1. Looks good. I might have to find a picture of the boys soon and have one done. I love the way you interpret photos. They always look so cool.

  2. Testimonial!
    I am EXTREMELY happy with our painting!
    It was John's favorite picture, and now he loves the painting more.
    Michele took our Halloween trip to Disney World and made it timeless. When we can afford it, we will be ordering another!

  3. Another testimonial!
    Michele's painting of my son actually made me cry, I was so happy with it. (I probably should be mad at her for making me cry, but, she's just given me this beautiful painting. Conundrum.) It's at the framers right now and will be hanging in its place of honor soon!

  4. Do I still have to order or are we good with our emails from last month-ish?

  5. I LOVE LOVE this. As soon as I have a job or can withdraw $125 from our account without my husband noticing I'm totally ordering one. I am thinking of SO many photographs I want to have you paint!! Can I do $25 dollars a week while you're painting??? I totally understand if that won't work...but I'm in love!!!!

  6. Kate: email me. I bet we could make a deal.

  7. Aww, great idea Michele! You are awesome.

  8. Michelle, your paintings are amazing. I'm working on saving up my $$$. Then I have to find a picture where both boys look ok. Or save up enough to get a separate one of each. Hmmmm.

  9. I love your style! How are you with faces? But there is something about the little girl turning away and boy looking down that make them more emotional I guess, without seeing their faces. Starting my savings fund! I think you're going to be extremely busy, if you're not already.

  10. TESTIMONIAL! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of G man running through the bookstore (something he may never remember knowing about at the rate we are going). We want another! Hugz!